It’s been 15 months since I started taking journaling seriously and, as mentioned on my All About Journaling post, I’ve seen a great amount of positive results in my life. Read my last post about journaling for some journaling tips here.

For my 29th birthday last week, I decided to gift myself something that would level up my journaling, reward myself for the effort and motivate myself to keep going. Your girl needed a pick me up!

As I am a visual person I’ve always hesitated on switching to a digital diary so I could add files, pictures, videos and so on but to be honest, part of my motivation comes from writing old school on a little notebook and keeping it by my bedside. There is just something relaxing on handwriting my entries. So, I got an Instant Camera (my 2nd one as the 1st one got broken while moving abroad).

Panama, Panama. 2015. From the tropics. Before Tropical Statement, with my first Instant Camera.

I LOVED my Fujifilm Instax Mini because the quality of the pictures is great but there were many things I didn’t like:

  • Batteries are not rechargeable and I am the kind of person that never has batteries on hand when I need them
  • Picture packages are expensive. With this camera pictures cost was about $1 each. It seems low, believe, it adds up
  • Once the picture is taken, you have no way to duplicate it

I ended up going for the Kodak Printomatic because of it’s amazing price and the low cost of each picture. And the best is that it checked all my boxes. It’s cost effective (less than 50 cents per picture), batteries are rechargeable, and it has a mini sd card slot that saves up any picture you take so you can have it in digital too! A big plus: it’s cute!

Hope you´ll find some inspiration in creating visual memories for your journal too. There are many cameras in the market so I encourage you to choose the one that suits you best. Another great option I found but not so cost effective is getting a mini photo printer.

Extra points for matching my bedroom aesthethics

It’s been a week now since I started taking pictures for my journal on my instant camera and I am so in love with how my diary looks now that I wanted to share this idea with you too.

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