Life lately

Not living my dream life yet but building my way to it. I feel is so important to anticipate how difficult chasing a goal might be so when you are caught in a moment of hardship you feel you don’t get hit as hard. March is always *meh* in Toronto. You are looking forward for … Continue reading Life lately

Here to decompress: Winter Blues

I really wanted to share a pick-me-up post for you. I might need it more than anyone else. Yet again I better be real out here. I won´t bother to have a blog without real thoughts.

boxes and suitcases on the floor

I moved.

If you are new here, I just moved again for the 4th time in 4 years. If you think I am crazy or a nomad let me tell you, this is pretty standard for Toronto. And yes, it sucks. I agree.

A new chapter

Hey guys! As December is around the corner, I am taking this week off to prepare myself for new changes ahead. Of course, you will know all about it really soon. It means the world to have everyone's support. This year has brought many positive things into my life, changes for the good. Despite the … Continue reading A new chapter

How to bounce back from burnout when following your dreams

"Follow your dreams" is such an easygoing phrase for what it really takes to follow your dreams, all while you do more crucially important stuff like pay your bills, have friends, maintain a partner, keep your health, plan your retirement, play with your dog, drink water... From all the books I've read about keeping yourself motivated to books about creating the million-dollar formula of daily habits, I've come to the realization that burnout is not something you avoid. It is in fact something you need to learn to live with and bounce back.

¨Shop¨ by Deciem Review – Stealing fragances

If you have been reading me for a while you might be aware of how of a devoted fan I am of the brands from Deciem, specially The Ordinary. I have many blog posts (none sponsored) were I talk about my skincare routine and must-haves from these brands.

How I levelled up my journaling

It's been 15 months since I started taking journaling seriously and, as mentioned on my All About Journaling post, I've seen a great amount of positive results in my life. Read my last post about journaling for some journaling tips here. For my 29th birthday last week, I decided to gift myself something that would … Continue reading How I levelled up my journaling

Diagnosing my Chronic Bloating? Updates

It’s been 6 months since I posted here about my chronic bloating condition (click to read) and 1 year since I’ve completely cut gluten and lactose out of my diet (plus many other trigger foods like onions, garlic, carbonated drinks, chewing gum… the list goes on). Unfortunately, despite a year of highs and lows, I … Continue reading Diagnosing my Chronic Bloating? Updates

My Small Home Gym Set-Up

Little by little I have gotten what I think is a basic gym set. So far this is what I've got. I have gotten some products on Amazon and some others at the dollar store (Dollarama for my Canadian readers).

Living with Bloating

I hope this helps someone that is going through the same. Stay safe and stay healthy. It's been quite a ride... It all started a year ago, my clothes were not fitting me and no matter how well I ate and how much exercise I did, my belly was always bloated.

All About Journaling (plus tips)

More than a method to record your romantic adventures with your crush, journaling is far from being a thing of the past. It is widely used by people of all ages to record creative ideas and important moments...

6 months as a Poshmark Seller: My experience + tips & tricks for begginers

For today's post I have prepared a video sharing my experience on this past 6 months as a Poshmark seller and some tips & tricks on how to start and what to expect as a beginner on the platform. I received many questions about Poshmark when I posted about being a Poshmark seller and I … Continue reading 6 months as a Poshmark Seller: My experience + tips & tricks for begginers

I sell my clothes on Poshmark!

I’ve been outspoken lately of my preferences on buying vintage and thrifted designer clothes rather than fast fashion. I used to be the biggest fast fashion shopper and to recommend some pieces on my channel, until I was touched by how harming it is for the environment. My old days as a fast fashion blogger. … Continue reading I sell my clothes on Poshmark!

I made it! But how? Tips and more:

Not long ago I announced here on my blog that I was quitting my office job and moving to Toronto to pursuit my studies and a career in the fashion industry. Having this diploma on my hands seems unreal 'cause being a student AGAIN (for a Post Grad) was harder than expected. Now that I … Continue reading I made it! But how? Tips and more: