Lip hack: brow liner and gloss

I mean, this trend is coming to us directly from the 90s. And honestly, I can't believe how I haven't tried the dark lip liner look before. Now I am obsessed.

A complete guide to my Olaplex routine

I have had the pleasure of discovering it is totally worth the hype. Even on my virgin hair.

How I shape my eyebrows to make my eyes look more awake

A raw video for you because Instagram reels absolutely suck for editing video grrrr. Let me know in the comments if you see the subtle difference!

Garnier Green Labs Review – Cleanser & Serum

I am not a fan LOL! I am sorry Garnier 😦 😦 but for me layering my skincare with my makeup is super important and this product is not giving me what I need. Also, I am not into a 3-in-1 for skincare!

Life lately

Not living my dream life yet but building my way to it. I feel is so important to anticipate how difficult chasing a goal might be so when you are caught in a moment of hardship you feel you don’t get hit as hard. March is always *meh* in Toronto. You are looking forward for … Continue reading Life lately

Winter vs. my skin

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might not recognize me from these pictures, at least not my skin. MAY 2NDMAY 2NDMAY 2NDMAY 2ND Last year, my content was all about how I’ve managed to transform my skin from dull to glowy using The Ordinary and Korean products. As with anything in … Continue reading Winter vs. my skin

Four Canadian Spring Outfits

Hey guys! While I set up and adjust to my new writing space and my new schedule, I wanted to reintroduce more fashion to the blog. I am still yet to find inspiration so I am going back to basics. Outfits of the day will do. I leave you with 4 Canadian Spring outfits. I … Continue reading Four Canadian Spring Outfits


Truth be told, almost any job in this era is like mine. I know yours is. The thing is if I don´t stop mid-week to have my sacred Spa day (night*) then I end up looking like the woman from the beginning of the video I am about to show you:

Welcome 2022

What better day to come back than the first Wednesday of the year? As you might have noticed, I took 5 Wednesdays off for my mental health. My plan was to take only one week off but funny enough when I wrote How to bounce back from burnout when following your dreams I was already … Continue reading Welcome 2022

How to bounce back from burnout when following your dreams

"Follow your dreams" is such an easygoing phrase for what it really takes to follow your dreams, all while you do more crucially important stuff like pay your bills, have friends, maintain a partner, keep your health, plan your retirement, play with your dog, drink water... From all the books I've read about keeping yourself motivated to books about creating the million-dollar formula of daily habits, I've come to the realization that burnout is not something you avoid. It is in fact something you need to learn to live with and bounce back.

Lactose Free Affogato

Honestly, I never thought I knew so many drinks. Low key it's become a tradition on this blog. Here I am again sharing another drink recipe that I know by heart. I guess I am a "heavy drinker"! LOL. Today I am bringing you this classic Italian recipe and I believe that it is in … Continue reading Lactose Free Affogato

¨Shop¨ by Deciem Review – Stealing fragances

If you have been reading me for a while you might be aware of how of a devoted fan I am of the brands from Deciem, specially The Ordinary. I have many blog posts (none sponsored) were I talk about my skincare routine and must-haves from these brands.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation vs Serum Foundation

It's almost November, which means that Deciem is about to give us their amazing 23% off in all their products, including The Ordinary! Today and the next 3 Wednesdays, I will be posting about The Ordinary makeup products. If you are looking for skincare products, here is the post of my routine. Yes, it changed … Continue reading The Ordinary Coverage Foundation vs Serum Foundation

Reviewing Gisou’s Primer for anti-frizz

I followed the product instructions and applied a pea-size amount throughout my after shower wet hair. It is not an oily product and I fell I could add more if I wanted without compromising my clean hair.

Lactose Free Banana Milkshake

A restaurant-worthy and helpful recipe to get those ripe bananas to use. The best part? Just four ingredients needed. Check out video tutorial at the end of this post. I believe preparing your milkshakes at home is the smartest way to give yourself a not-so-guilty pleasure and to control your calories. This is why I … Continue reading Lactose Free Banana Milkshake

What to do for a weekend in Montreal

The architecture, the food, the french, the fashion sense, the enchanting streets. If you know where to go, Montreal will be an unforgettable experience. Keep reading this post to make it happen.

Fashionable blue light blocking glasses that will save your eyes

Blue light glasses or "gamer glasses" are designed to reduce stress on your eyesight caused by your daily screen time. They do so by blocking blue light coming from your screen (tv, laptop, tablet, phone, the light they use at your office, street lights, and more). As you may imagine, in this decade we are…

Get some piercings with me! My guide to a new piercing

I've gotten a few over the years and they've all come together pretty great so I am here to share my experience with you in case you are considering getting some of your own.

Trampoline Park: A funnier way to exercise

My experience was so fun that I kept wondering how have I never considered a trampoline park as a gym alternative. After all, 10 minutes jumping equal 30 minutes running!

Long lasting nails: acrylics vs. dip nails vs. bio gel vs. shellac

Oh yes, I've personally tried them all. After 5 years of multiples nail salons visited, I feel confident on providing you today with a guide to the most popular long lasting nail procedures you will find at your local salons. Keep reading for a straight-forward description, what to expect at the salon and my own … Continue reading Long lasting nails: acrylics vs. dip nails vs. bio gel vs. shellac