I might be late for this party but I need to clap my hands for Olaplex as I have had the pleasure of discovering it is totally worth the hypeEven on my virgin hair.

Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. After trying so many hair products over the years I find that when a hair product is good, you notice the difference right away and then it fades away to not come back. I guess your hair gets used to it?

So I either might be in that stage or Olaplex might be the holy grail. I decided to be positive, believe the reviews and share with you that I’ve tried myself and so far so good great. 

I’ve been using Olaplex products for 1 month. Once every week. 

As you know, I have thin wavy hair (hair type 2a) and after using the products you’ll see below, I feel my hair doesn’t break as easily as before, maintains styling for longer days and looks shinier. 

Funny, I used to think Olaplex is just for dyed hair but I discovered that it does wonders for my virgin hair. 

Olaplex has a broad line of products which can be confusing. They are named by numbers but contrary to my belief, it’s not intended to use in numerical order. 

Check out the products I am using and in what order in this video:

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