Hi guys! The beauty series is back 🙂 I had so much fun on my vacation! I was fortunate to see my closest friends and family after so long.

Having free time to spend on myself was very relaxing and it gave me the opportunity to try on new products that I had put aside. Shoutout to my dear friend Hsu who got me this new product I’ll sample in this post.

A metallic makeup look is always in style but needless to say, it is not for every occasion. Think clubbing, a holiday party, or a girls’ night out. I had always wanted to find the right product to achieve a metallic look without the old trick of applying eye shadow on my lips.

It must be destiny. My 30s are coming and I am ready for my bad bitch era. These lipsticks are staying with me for the game.

In the below video I am using Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal Lip in different shades.

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