It’s not every day that we catch a heatwave in Canada. We have reached the 30s right before I turn 30. I must confess, I might have a summer birthday but I am not a Summer lover. And I miss the cold!

No matter that I lived 25 years of my life in Panama, where you are guaranteed a sauna session every day, I still find myself not being able to function without AC. My body still won’t make peace with the heat. I get rashes, a cranky mood, a frizzy hair and I am not able to function properly if I don’t take care of myself. Because of this, life has given me the best lemons to make of this post my lemonade.

Keep reading for my 6 tips on how to take care of yourself in the heat to not become a hot mess. Because we want to be hot, not a mess.

1. Use a leave-in conditioner instead

I usually skip conditioner and apply a leave-in conditioner after the shower (before styling). This helps me keep my hair from becoming oily mid-week and maintain it hydrated. I reapply leave-in conditioner in my strands if I feel they are getting dry and use (very little) dry shampoo. The sun and sweat are the worst for your strands so I’ve seen a huge difference with this tip.

I use Ouai Detangling and Frizz Fight Leave In Conditioner

2. Find a face sunscreen with a nice finish

I avoid applying makeup in Summer as a personal preference so I am bff with any sunscreen with a nice finish. If you are a foundation girl, you can replace it with a color sunscreen for the summer, at least in your day to day. I find keeping my skin makeup free helps me avoid clogging my pores (sweat is enough for me, thank you).

I use Canmake Memaid Skin UV Gel.

3. Limit Sun Exposure

Your future self will thank you for this one. I’ve mentioned this multiple times in past posts about skincare routines, the sun is the most damaging factor for your skin. No matter what products you use, how much water you drink or how nice tanning looks, limiting your sun exposure will help you keep healthy skin. Tanning is overrated. If you must, there are self-tanning lotions that will give you natural-looking results.

I use Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze (discontinued)

4. Include Vitamin C in your skincare routine

You know how much I praise Vitamin C thanks to the results I’ve seen by adding it into my skincare routine.

I recommend Vitamin C for any season but Summer of all of them as vitamin C paired with your sunscreen will protect your skin from photodamage. VERY IMPORTANT not to use it without sunscreen as it will then give you dark spots.


5. Get a good lip balm

Hydration first but even if you do, you will need a really good lip balm to go through Summer and get out flawlessly.


6. Make the best out of the good lighting

Last but not least, make lemonade out of the lemons and take advantage of the nice weather and the good lighting by using glitter, shimmer, and golden everything. Nails, jewelry, makeup. Let’s make the best out of the season 馃檪

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