If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might not recognize me from these pictures, at least not my skin.

Last year, my content was all about how I’ve managed to transform my skin from dull to glowy using The Ordinary and Korean products.

As with anything in life, if you stop putting in the effort, things go backwards!

Truth to be told, my skincare stepped down on my list of priorities once my life got hectic when I moved out of my previous apartment.

I moved.

If you are new here, I just moved again for the 4th time in 4 years. If you think I am crazy or a nomad let me tell you, this is pretty standard for Toronto. And yes, it sucks. I agree.

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One day I woke up and my cheeks were crowded with little red dots. Nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I am by no means a dermatologist but I do know my own body. It took me just a look to understand my skin was screaming for moisture.

In a desperate effort to bring back hydration to my skin, I started bringing back my skincare routine, step by step without missing a day or night.

The thing is, my regular skincare routine PREVENTS dehydration, lines, dark spots. Prevents. Once I am on the other side, my skincare does not offer enough ingredients to bring my hydration back.

So I started my usual googling game, looking for those hyped products and I found my SKIN SAVIOUR. I am making a vow to this product, it will be in my winter skincare routine for the years to come.

Let me introduce you to:

I had never seen an overnight result as the night I first applied Cicaplast Gel B5 on my face. The next I had no redness, no flakeness and my pores were visibly smaller (I was not even looking for this but of course I´d take it).

march, 10th. me, happy with my skin

In a matter of 3 days applying this moisturizer day and night with my regular routine my skin was back to glowing. I am so happy to have found such an affordable and effective product that I could not wait to share.

And that´s how I come back to the rodeo baby!

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