It’s such a strange feeling, honestly. The best way to describe it: surreal. I always heard my elders talk about how once you turn 25, it all goes fast. And how fast it went!

I was not sure to share this post, I am still figuring out the whole blogging trends thing, trying to give you all what you really want to see / read but I think that being vulnerable is important and it really goes back to where this blog started so, I decided to ditch tonight’s content for more of a thoughtful post. Some of you might not relate with it (yet) and that’s ok. You can always come back and find it when you need it.

From a single girl that lives with 2 roomies and after 6 years in the work force just got an entry level job. No shame, I love my life and I am proud of my achievements but the point is: I have nothing figured out 🙂

In this post I am sharing where I am today, big lessons and what to expect when you hit 29. Enjoy!

Lesson 1 – You are officially an adult now

There’s no way back to been considered a young caterpillar with dreams and a world of possibilities. You are going to be constantly asked about your career, your relationship status, your views on marriage, kids, retirement… really adult shit. The list goes on btw. My advice: think about all these stuff in the comfort of your privacy (as you should) so you don’t panic when this questions start coming up but NO, you do not need to give an answer, ever. My tip: get a polite way to change the subject under your sleeve. No one needs to know your views on your private life but you.

Lesson 2 – Everyone is on their own path with their own timing

Some feel behind in love, some feel behind in their careers, some feel behind on experiences and well… Instagram doesn’t help either. I feel behind in EVERYTHING since I moved to a new country and had to start over again but some other person might feel behind because they haven’t had the opportunity of living abroad.

This is the age of comparison and it sucks because we are all going through the same but we are still comparing each other. My advice: YOU WILL GET IT. I always like to think of life like making a long line. You are waiting for something you deserve but sometimes it’s not your turn yet! If you stay in the line, you will get what you need. Patience is key. Keep yourself in the line because it will be your turn one day.

Photo from my birthday. I finished seeing this dress the day before 🤍

Lesson 3 -Congrats, you are not a boomer.

You don’t NEED to have a husband, a house, 3 kids, a dog and a full time job by 29. We millennials (and Gen Zs) really need to stop comparing ourselves with our parents. The world is ABSOLUTELY different, why do you think your life should look the same as once theirs was? It’s just insane to not give our current life a modern approach. Your parents life should not be a standard for you.

Lesson 4 – Just because it hasn’t come yet you have to lower your expectations

We tend to dream big and take the age of 30 or 40 or 50 as a timing for our dreams. “By 30 I should own a home”. Going back to lesson 2. Patience is key. Please don’t use a turning age as an obligation to change your life. Your expected life could arrive at 32 or 39 or 41. Who knows! Keep building, have patience and don’t stress about hitting the age without an accomplishment because it is not the finish line.

Lesson 5 – You are still super young

I bet the only ones calling you old are below 28 and yourself. Maybe some contemporary friends too… A reminder: you are still in your 20s! The reason you feel old is because you are wiser than before and you know the big difference that makes in your life. Enjoy been young and wise, it’s a great combination.

Lesson 6 – A healthy lifestyle is not overrated

Our body is quite vengeful. Once you hit your late 20s it forces you to change your lifestyle from all the mistreatment from your early 20s (as an example, my go-to drink was the Jägerbomb: red bull with Jägermeister…not anymore honey). You miss an hour of sleep, you get a headache. You eat 1 pizza slice, you get bloated for days. You drink 2 glasses of wine, hangover the next day.

It’s normal and shouldn’t be a reason to panic, it’s just your body trying to survive.

Lesson 7 – If you are no different than from 5 years ago, something needs to change

It really is a blessing to be able to notice your growth along the years but growth doesn’t happen just because, it comes with a mindset of self-improvement and self accountability.

If you compare your late 20s self with your early 20s self and can’t see a difference in the way you react to problems, an improvement with your most important relationships, some unhealthy habits fixed or at least a plan to do any of the above, I am afraid you need to work harder on yourself. It’s never too late and this age is a great start for comparing your now from your before and planing for the future you.

Lesson 8 – It’s normal (and necessary) to declutter your friends group

With Lesson 7 you’ll experience that lesson 8 comes inevitably. As mentioned, not all experience growth in the same pace when you are in a place of growth but those who surround you are not, the separation will happen inevitably. It’s part of growing up and there’s no one guilty in this transition.

Don’t over stress for lost friendships and focus on fostering positive, long-lasting relationships with people that are in the same page as you. If someone is meant to stay in your life, will eventually come back to your side when the time is right 🙂

I hope this post help you navigate through this exciting and uncomfortable stage of life. There’s a reason why all the sitcoms we love are around this age!

I wish you the best in your life. Remember to be patient!

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