A restaurant-worthy and helpful recipe to get those ripe bananas to use. The best part? Just four ingredients needed. Check out video tutorial at the end of this post.

I believe preparing your milkshakes at home is the smartest way to give yourself a not-so-guilty pleasure and to control your calories. This is why I created this recipe using my favourite ice cream (at the moment, I am bipolar with my ice creams, don’t judge). It is lactose free and has no sugar added, each cup has 1/3 of the carbs from a regular ice cream.

With this recipe, I am also giving away the secret “ingredient” to achieve the creamy smoothie texture. I always thought it was all about the ice cream you chose. I was wrong. It is all about the bananas. Frozen bananas.

Frozen Bananas Prep

Make sure to peel, dice and get your bananas in the fridge for at least 20 minutes before making your milkshake!


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