In a world filled with millennial dreams, bills to pay, Netflix shows to watch, books to read, events to attend and so on, sleeping 8 hours a night is virtually impossible. Believe me, I’ve tried. Anyhow, I’ve discovered that sleeping 8 hours is not the only way to achieve bright under eyes.

Today I am sharing my secrets on how I got rid of dark under eyes and puffiness even if I stayed up all night long. The secret is to be consistent and smart with your under-eye skincare and having the right tools for when you didn’t go to bed, cause you know, sometimes there are better things to do than sleeping.

If you are interested in a full glowing face skincare routine, check out this post.

Skincare Products


Use this serum day and night before applying your eye cream. This serum wakes up your eyes immediately and in the long run. A definite must-have.


If you’ve read about my favourite Korean skincare products then you’ve heard about this brand before. I am in my 3 bottle of face cream from this line and now using the eye cream as well. It works wonders to reduce under-eye inflammation and lines.


These eye patches are all over the internet with fair reason. I use them once a week right after my toner and leave them on for 20 minutes. My under eyes are left feeling moisturized and bright.

Face Masks – Brightening and Deep Hydration from Dr. Jart

Korean skincare gurus (my personal favourites) use a face mask DAILY to achieve glowing, moisturized skin. I use a them once a week and still see amazing results (doing it daily can be quite expensive).

My favourites are from Dr. Jart, specially the ones focused on moisturizing.


The are the tools that I use consistently and have given me amazing results.

Jade Gua Sha

This is a life saver for those days with puffy face and / or tired eyes. The jade is naturally a cold stone but keeping yours in the fridge will speed things up.
If you want to know more about Gua Sha, head over to this tutorial on my recent post.

Jade Roller

The Jade Roller is another of my old time secrets. Same as with the Gua Sha, the jade stone provides relaxation to puffy eyes and the smaller side of the roller is made for massaging your eyes and drain excess liquid from the area (caused by lack of sleep).

Sonic Eye Massager

I got this little eye tool from an aesthetician in Panama after she gave me a “subtle” radio-frequency on my eye area. I got this little machine 3 years ago, I use it on and off but every time I stop using it I can see how my eyes get tired more easily.

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