Your smoothie girl is back with another delicious and bloating friendly drink.

On a trip to the groceries store I was getting the ingredients for a dairy-free butter chicken recipe which included coconut cream.

Now, I had never used coconut cream so when I opened the can I was pleasantly surprised by how thick and creamy it is. Specially because I always end up using Xanthan Gum for almost any dairy free recipe to give it the desire creamy texture that cow milk recipes have.

I used the coconut cream on my recipe but only used half of the can so I had to google some ideas on how to use the left overs (I am thrifty and I do not let my food go to waste ever!).

People on the internet were praising about how good the coconut cream is for smoothies but all I had at the time was some pineapples in the freezer.

Wait a second… Pineapples + coconut! That’s how I came to the idea of using the cream to make some delicious piña coladas.

Now, I am picky with my smoothies and I am picky with my drinks and I know not any piña colada is good but let me tell you this super simple recipe that you are about to get is one the most delicious (and healthy) piña coladas I’ve tried. Don’t let it go to waste!


– Coconut Cream
– Coconut Milk
– Frozen Pineapple
– Ice
– Krisda Monk Fruit Sweetener 454g (or any other sweetener of preference)

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