This is probably the first taboo topic I’ve ever written in this blog. Some of you must be reading this and thinking I went too far this time with my need to change beauty routine and toxic habits (yes, I think using deodorant was a toxic habit for me). Well, first please allow me to explain myself.

Since I can remember, deodorants have been a headache for me. The very first deodorants I used were really strong and packed with alcohol. I still remember my underarm stinging every time I applied them.

I grew up and consequentially, my underarms became seriously damaged but I always thought it was part of life. Please take in consideration that living in a weather like Panama’s, skipping deodorant is practically a non existent option.

While I was growing up, I kept changing deodorants. I tried them all. Spray, roll on, antiperspirant, solid… but my situation just kept getting worse. My armpits would get so dry and itchy that would literally interfere with what I was doing. But how to live in a world without deodorant, specially if you are an active person? I think it’s so funny that a deodorant is so encrypted in our daily lives that some of us have never considered looking for alternatives despite the fact that most of them contain harmful ingredients to our bodies.

Until enough was enough and I decided to break up with deodorant. Fortunately you are here to meet my rebound and it’s so good I am engaged #putaringonit *keep reading*

When I finally decided to change up my deodorant I went for consultation to a beauty clinic here in Toronto so they could tell me what procedures would help me. That’s when they told me I was allergic to deodorants (shocking) so they recommended a combined set of laser and peeling for the hyperpigmentation of my skin and botox injections on my underarms so I wouldn’t have to deal with deodorants anymore.

Needless to say, these procedures are incredible expensive so I opted out and decided to take matters on my own hands.

I knew skincare was needed so I started there and dived into The Ordinary’s chatroom. If you have no idea what I am talking about, the brand’s chatroom is kind of a Reddit for anything The Ordinary. People give their experiences and help others find their desired regimen. And there is where I found out my rebound:


Glycolic Acid

This is the magical ingredient in the formula above. As this acidic toner changes the PH of your skin, it doesn’t let the bacteria cause bad odor. I tell you it’s magical. At the same time is exfoliating. I use it once a day after shower, applying it with a cotton swab.

Alpha Arbutin

This serum is specifically for hyper pigmented skins. I use it right after applying the glycolic acid. An alternative for this one is The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%

Rose Hip Oil

I use the oil just to smooth the skin and keep hydrated as the glycolic acid is exfoliating and I want to avoid irritating the skin. So far so good!


I know Summer is coming so please be aware that both glycolic acid and Alpha Arbutin should not have direct sun exposure so whenever I going to wear a sleeveless top I make sure to apply a sun lotion on top to avoid dark spots.

I’ve been using these 3 products combined for a month now and I can’t speak highly enough of the results, specially considering how affordable they are. I am clean and odor-free the entire day and I finally said goodbye to itchiness. In such little time I have seen my skin recover and be healthy again after all these years of damage. I can’t be happier about it!!!

2 thoughts on “Armpits Detox: Here’s why I stopped wearing deodorant

  1. This is great, millions of people have suffered the same for a lufe time and now you approached this suject in such an interesting manner. Thanks a million.

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