Glass skin, glass hair, glass nails… It seems that looking like a glass doll is the Beauty trend of 2021. And I am here for it.

If you don’t know what glass hair is, glass hair is a very shiny and smooth hair, frizz-less to say the least. For a reference, short -haired Kim Kardashian made it popular.

I have always been a victim of frizz so achieving the frizz-less look for this post was more than a want. It became a need. And I was sure that the products I had at home were not going to work. For my luck, just a google search for glass hair takes you to the creator (Kim K stylist) and the product that’d give me the look which is apparently a cult product.

You know how I like to take cult brands, select their most hyped products and try them on. At this point, I should call this blog Cult Statement.

This was going to be a review like any other. I try the product, I like it or not, I tell you about it, I keep on with my life. But this product, this product is different.

Color WOW Dream Coat, the name can’t be more perfect because it was a dream for sure.

I have never tried such a great product to control my frizz, EVER. People on the internet compare it with a Keratin treatment and the best: it’s more affordable that any other hair product I own. A DREAM.

So yes, I have joined the cult of Color WOW products and I can’t wait to try them all.

Check video below for steps to achieve the glass hair look.

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