I’ve been outspoken lately of my preferences on buying vintage and thrifted designer clothes rather than fast fashion.

I used to be the biggest fast fashion shopper and to recommend some pieces on my channel, until I was touched by how harming it is for the environment.

My old days as a fast fashion blogger. No one has a flawless environmentally conscious past. Oops!

At the end of the day, the harm is already done and no matter how much we buy now from environmentally conscious brands that use recycled materials and so… the best you can do is to buy clothes that already exist in another’s girl closet.

Trying to find a way to do so, without losing my style and give other girls a look into my closet to be able to sell anything they liked, I got to find Poshmark.

Poshmark is basically a shoppable IG. The girls on the app post their clothes and price it, you offer them what you want to pay and if they accept, they’ll ship you the item.

As simple as it reads!

And the shipping? The customer pays a flat shipping rate of CAD 12.99 unless the seller offers you a discount on shipping (which they end up paying on their side).

The downside? This app is only available for Canadian sellers to Canadian shoppers and for USA sellers to USA shoppers. Even a Canadian shopper can’t buy from a USA closet 😦

Anyhow, I am getting really good at selling online and I’ll be soon posting some items from my closet that I know you, my readers, would like. Rest assured you will be able to get them right here on my blog.

Visit my postmark closet @andreitatropical

If you are interested on becoming a Postmark user, you can use my invite code TSTATEMENT and we will both get $15 dollars credit to use in any purchase 🙂

Thank you in advance for that lol.


4 thoughts on “I sell my clothes on Poshmark!

  1. Have you tried other outlets or apps like Depop? Always curious about Poshmark but wasn’t sure if they take a percent of your sale


    1. Hi Marielle! Thanks for reading ❤️ All selling platforms take a percentage of your sale. Poshmark is really high compared to others, 20%. A friend recommended Depop which takes 10% but meets the buyers that are in the same city to deliver the product which I don’t like at all. I’ve also heard about Carousell which is the cheapest in term of the fees, less than 5%. I have kept Poshmark despite their high rates because I already have a customer base but there is something huge to consider beyond the fee, how protective is the platform to their sellers. Depop and Carousell have higher rates of scam and so far Poshmark and its users are legit. I also sell on EBay for a 12% cut. Omg hahaha sorry for so much info, I hope it helps. Good luck!!!


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