A few days ago, I posted some stories on my IG drinking wine and hanging out with friends at an event.

I’ve been a Poshmark seller since one month ago (check out this post for more info) and I’ve been loving it.

And my love grew when I was invited to hang out with other Poshmark sellers at a private event held at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto.

Thinking it was a low key networking event, I went straight out of work, wearing no makeup, no hair done, no nothing.

And for my surprise, the event was absolutely lovely! I got to meet so many amazing girls and listen to a panel of 3 successful women talking about how they manage their full time jobs with being a part-time Poshmark seller.

When I arrived at the event they provided me with a ticket to be redeemed at the bar for a free drink and a set of Postmark branded stickers, what a great marketing idea- I thought.

Now my phone case which was disgusting is now all Postmark branded lol.

I totally recommend to check out what Poshmark is about, I’ll keep you updated on what I think of the platform after a few more sales + tips & tricks.

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