As I even wrote a post of how excited I was for this collaboration I am now sharing that I decided to return my dress (decision my IG followers help me take after a poll where 50% said return this dress please)

At least I can say my tips and tricks post worked! I was able to purchase two pieces from the collaboration:

Image result for heart shaped h&m valli

The heart-shaped pouch bag and the sequined dress.

Image result for heart shaped h&m valli

It was my first time purchasing from an H&M collaboration but I figured it was going to be as crazy as the Moschino one was (my friend failed at this one) so I could not wait until the end of my convocation.

As I just invest my money on pieces I know will keep their value (or increase it) and by experience, I know these collaboration pieces tend to hold their value for a very long time, I planned to use it for the holidays and then sell it!

Why did I return my order?

After I purchased the bag I realized it was extremely small and I cancelled my order right after completing my purchase so I never got to see the bag in person.

The dress arrived 1 week later and I tend to be picky with what I wear, especially if I am paying lol! The fitting of the dress wasn’t comfortable and the cleavage was really deep which I did not notice on the website pictures in which the dress was on a mannequin. I didn’t feel it was a classic piece and didn’t feel comfortable wearing it even in my own home.

I posted a story of the dress with a poll and I was right, no one liked the dress on me. That was enough for me to know that I had to return it.

Maybe next time!

Fittings (this is the best I could do to show the fitting without showing my boobs so much lol)

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