The dream of any broke millennial fashionista, a H&M collab with her favourite haute couture designer, has came true for me. But not so fast, I still don’t own any piece and the chances of getting one as soon as the collection is launched are very narrow.

Maybe you’ve been on a midnight online royal rumble before or perhaps you got some practice at college when getting into that course everyone wanted to get in but few could but if you haven’t experienced a launch like this one I am going to give you a few tips before war night (Thursday November 7th at 10:01 a.m).

Anything you can do for your clicks and typing to be faster will help you complete your order before all the other warriors. (lol)

Important: make sure to save all your data on your account in advance. Please note if you haven’t purchased from H&M online you can’t save your payment info in advance (my case but there is a solution, keep reading)

In case you haven’t bought from the H&M website before, you have the option of saving your CC on your browser for a faster checkout. It is safe to do it and it’ll save you time as well. Click for how-to on Safari or Chrome.

Know your budget, size, etc… and have a plan b, c, d, e…. how many you need because I guarantee you’ll need them.

Check out the entire collection and its prices here.

Well sister, if we lose this battle we might have to grab our pieces from eBay or Poshmark.

Good luck! See you on the other side.



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