The snowfall has made it official, our outfits must change to adapt to the frigid weather Canada is known for.

My girls from the tropics, I am not excluding you from my blog, I’ll be soon styling holiday outfits for you as well.

In terms of winter outfits, it is a difficult season for anyone to pull off. Your top priority must always be to stay warm over comfortable and stylish BUT that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style.

I am sure we all consider Winter the most difficult season to pull off but remember, everyone else is wearing black over black. If you have the right pieces it will be way easy to stand out for how stylish you look.

For me the most important piece to find for winter is a good skirt. Yes, a skirt.

Before you think I’ve lost my mind I will explain myself: Long or mid skirts are extremely comfortable, even when wearing layers underneath and if you pair them well, they look super stylish.

I have added wool skirts to my winter wardrobe and girl, if you don’t a wool skirt for winter, you are missing out of something good.

Now, let me give you some outfit ideas using my favourite skirts.

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