Balmain X Puma

Another day, another collaboration. It seems high fashion designers are trying harder than ever to reach the masses. I am not complaining, I know well that I am part of the masses and that by having an “expensive taste” I have to carefully choose the pieces I am investing my money in as my clothes … Continue reading Balmain X Puma

My Favorite Layering Pieces

When winter hits, outfits get inevitable boring. The need to be warm, plus the reality that knitted garments are the coziest makes us forget about being chic and stylish in this season. But it is not a valid excuse when your wardrobe is prepared ahead. The best way to know if you are getting a … Continue reading My Favorite Layering Pieces

Skirts for Winter

The snowfall has made it official, our outfits must change to adapt to the frigid weather Canada is known for. My girls from the tropics, I am not excluding you from my blog, I'll be soon styling holiday outfits for you as well. In terms of winter outfits, it is a difficult season for anyone … Continue reading Skirts for Winter

Monochromatics for Fall

There is always a colour we purchase season after season without knowing we have so much of it already. Mine is red! I have good news for you. For this season and the next one, a monochromatic outfit will be your best bet! The more you complete your outfit with pieces of the same colour, … Continue reading Monochromatics for Fall

Let me show you… TERRE BLEU, TORONTO

One more time I have the pleasure to show you an amazing place ❤ If you have read my previous posts you may know me enough to tell that any photogenic place makes me crazy. And is not just to have the perfect Instagram photo, yes but no, it's because after you get to see … Continue reading Let me show you… TERRE BLEU, TORONTO


Hola! This time, as I promised on my last post, I am going to talk about what to do if you already visited the touristic places included on the City Pass (CN TOWER, RIPLEY'S AQUARIUM, ONTARIO MUSEUM, TORONTO ZOO, CASA LOMA AND ONTARIO SCIENCE CENTRE)...


Lo escuché llamar hace poco por una persona que probablemente ha hecho turismo interno en Panamá un poco más que yo "el mejor spot de Panamá", y eso que esta persona solo ha visto este lugar en fotos. Yo que tuve la suerte de poder conocerlo no puedo expresar en palabras la belleza de este … Continue reading Let me show you… CHARCO AZUL Y CHARCO VERDE, PANAMA **ANAM BANNED**