There is always a colour we purchase season after season without knowing we have so much of it already. Mine is red!

I have good news for you. For this season and the next one, a monochromatic outfit will be your best bet! The more you complete your outfit with pieces of the same colour, the better.

Resultado de imagen para monochromatic fall 2019

Falling short on that teal handbag or those yellow shoes? I recommend to use a nude basic colour if you don’t have accessories so you won’t break the colour scheme of your outfit.

Put your pieces together on day light, many times we see colours on the same hue but when the sun light hits it becomes a different story.

Resultado de imagen para different hues red warm

You will probably have different hues (tones) of the same colour. As long as the outfit looks cohesive and you avoid to include warm colours if you are using cold colours and vice versa, you will get the look.

And finally, using colours instead of black or white will give you a more dramatic outfit.

This is how I did it, no shopping needed.


I was missing a burgundy top so I wore a warm orange one and it didn’t break the monochromatic look!

Hunter Green

For this look, I didn’t have hunter green boots or handbag but using nudes help tons!


This is my favourite red, I have so many pieces on this same tone, perhaps I don’t have shoes on this tone. I chose black booties, I kind of regretted it though, nude booties would have look better.

Blue Jeans

My Fashion Week outfit with a jean jacket added! Easiest outfit to do, comfortable yet chic.

And always have fun. It is the most important when putting an outfit together!


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