You all know I have been low key involved on the sustainable movement of fashion so I haven’t really been into fast retailers in a while. That being said, I found Ardene campaign for Halloween was really strong 😂 They had $30 dollars character onesies and they were all over the city. What a better way to use a costume while being warm and comfortable!

When my girlfriends and I saw how cute these onesies were, we had the great idea of using them at our Halloween Haunt Night at Canada’s Wonderland.

And… this ended up being me 👇 lol!


I stayed late at work so we had to take an Uber from downtown to the park (an impressive $30 dollar ride) to get there at 10:30 pm. We basically paid a $60 ticket for one and a half hour *yikes*

When we got there, it was so crowded that we never found our friends before the park closed.

The bright side: I had one hour and a half of Halloween and I enjoyed it like a diva. (correction: zebra)

Hoping you can learn from my mistakes again.

Thank you for reading me.


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