an effortless chic look.

For this post I have prepared 4 Fall Looks using the easiest piece to find: the button-down white shirt (C. Herrera knows best).

Resultado de imagen de carolina herrera white shirt"
Code of the House: The White Shirt from Carolina Herrera

The white shirt is one of those pieces I recommend investing in as the fabric quality is important to avoid a yellow-stained piece over time (not as chic as expected).

The one I am wearing is from Banana Republic (thrifted) and it has bell sleeves which are very trendy and I love because they elevate your look with so much chicness.

A tip for extra chicness: When worn, white blouses must look fresh. Keep them as free of stain and wrinkles as possible, I know it isn’t an easy task but it’s totally worth it.

The leeeeewks

Something preppy

This look is a classic. My personal twist: using a flashy headband to make it more fun.

A painter fashionista

This is me revamping my last winter look with a beret and white shirt.

My statement look

If I had to wear the same for the rest of my life I would probably choose an outfit like this one.

Editor’s secret note: I bought this leather dress to use it on my graduation next week but I couldn’t resist to post it.

A statement belt

You know I love a Victorian look and I recently got this corset-inspired belt, I took advantage of the bell sleeves and went for it.

Remember to have fun!

Thank you always for reading me,


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