It’s almost November, which means that Deciem is about to give us their amazing 23% off in all their products, including The Ordinary!

Today and the next 3 Wednesdays, I will be posting about The Ordinary makeup products. If you are looking for skincare products, here is the post of my routine. Yes, it changed my life. No, I am not changing it anytime soon. I swear by it.

For today’s post I will be comparing The Ordinary Coverage Foundation (high coverage) with The Ordinary Serum Foundation (lightweight coverage). Keep scrolling for a video demo.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation vs Serum Foundation

I’ve mentioned the Serum Foundation many times before. This is my “office days” foundation. It does the job, it doesn’t clog my pores, it’s extremely affordable and it matches my skin tone perfectly (and it will match yours too as they have 21 different shades available).

This is the foundation I use when I am having a good skin day and I don’t need to use the expensive ones.

I have always been prone to choosing lightweight foundations over full coverage because I don’t like a full matte face look. I also have this perception that foundation is not good for your skin, specially a thick one.

The Serum Foundation has a matte finish despite been lightweight so I was always hesitant to try the full coverage foundation from The Ordinary. At the same time, I always find myself applying concealer as an extra step as the lightweight foundation doesn’t cover it much.

My Thoughts

I am using the same tone for both foundation, 1.2 N. I expected to see a difference in terms of the colour shade but the match did not disappoint. It is the same shade.

The Coverage Foundation fell a bit more difficult to blend into my skin. In the video, I am not using any prep for my skin and it definitely feels heavier, but it doesn’t cover much more.

The difference between the two in terms of coverage is barely noticeable (at least for me).

In my opinion giving away the natural texture of the lightweight foundation for a little bit more of coverage that is barely noticeable is not worth it.

I will stay with the lightweight foundation for sure. I am a loyal. I am in my 4th bottle now!

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