A year ago, I shared My favorite products from The Ordinary and some tips on how I used these products.

I took some time during quarantine to learn about ingredients and their effect on my skin and I am proud to say that I have built a new regimen with my brand new quarantine-acquired knowledge. Our late 20s is for learning about skincare after all 😉

I am seeing amazing results and I’d like to share with you my tested and improved skincare routine.

Here my step-by-step routine, what I’ve learned, what was I doing wrong and pictures on how my skin looks today.

*Note: Some very few products are not from The Ordinary but you get the point*


Step 1. Oil cleanser: I started using a cleansing oil to take off stubborn eye makeup and ended up LOVING IT and staying with it for my everyday routine. I have normal to dry skin so the oil is not a problem. This Shu Uemura Oil is a holy grail. It’s a bit on the expensive side but a little goes a long way. This bottle has been with me since June.

Step 2. Cleanser: I have 3 products I switch back and forth because of availability or any sale that comes my way (I am that kind of girl that stocks on products each sale season).

Currently using: Purity Made Simple Cleanser. I’ve been using it for many years, I have tried other products but always come back to this one. It is very gentle but I feel it deep cleanses my skin.


Step 3. Hyaluronic Acid: I used to add drops of HA to my moisturizer and I found out I was using it wrong! Now I add some drops to my clean face. It’s the first product I put on because it’s water based. IMPORTANT: HA needs 1 to 2 minutes to sink in, otherwise it will peel when you keep layering the rest of your skincare products (and makeup, yikes).

Step 4. Vitamin C: Loveeeeee this ingredient. I am convinced this is the one giving me all the glow! It’s amazing. Be careful when you use Vit C though, you will NEED to apply sunscreen or your skin will get black spots. The good part is that vit C + sunblock =create a stronger barrier from the sun. Wait 1 to 2 minutes to let it sink into your skin before applying the next step.

Step 5. Caffeine Solution. I use this on my under-eyes and I let it dry for 1 to 2 minutes. It really has really reduced my pigmentation and dark under eyes, specially on those days I am extra tired.

Step 6. Moisturizer. I am using a simple moisturizer because I find it does not clog my pores. Moisturizers don’t need to be packed with ingredients when using The Ordinary products because you are using concentrated ingredients already**

Step 7. UV Protector. I know it’s repetitive but it is the best product to achieve a bright skin and avoid getting wrinkles earlier than needed. If you are not using sunblock in your skincare routine, you really are wasting your money on skincare that won’t work, sun damage is stronger than any other skin condition. I made it a habit by having a spare bottle on my handbag in case I forget to apply some.

Step 8. Primer. I added this step a few weeks ago and I wish I did this sooner because it leaves my face soft and matte enough for me to go out makeup free.


Step 3. Niamicide. This is one of the most popular serums from The Ordinary. I use it to reduce my redness and the appearance of pores.

Step 4. Retinol. There’s a myth that retinol should be used after the 40s but it is proven to help from an early age. It is used specifically to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and 3 months after using it I started seeing less and less lines on my face, specially around the eyes. I am using the lowest concentration as recommended for me as it tends to irritate sensitive skin but will upgrade to the next concentration when I run out of it, I did not experience any problems using it.

Step 5. Caffeine Solution. I use it day and night!

Step 6 . Moisturizer.

Step 7. Squalane Oil. This oil gives extra moisture to my skin. You could use it during the day too but I am not a fan of having an oily skin during the day, specially if I am applying makeup on top.

** This means you get the most of each ingredient but on the downside, combining other ingredients gets tricky. Always do your research before adding additional products to your routine to avoid could harming your skin. Click here for the The Ordinary Conflict Chart.

And that’s my current skincare routine! Hoping it helps you have a base for your own personalized routine, these ingredients are the most common ones and they have scientifically proven benefits, I’ve seen them myself and I am hoping you will too.

Before & After

Both pictures shown were taken with the same device in the same light setting 1.5 months apart from each other using this skincare routine (Consistently). Can you spot the difference?

With love,


Skincare guide for Sensitive Skin

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    1. Hi Pretty Peonny ( cool name! 🤍) thank you for reading, hoping it helps. I do know how frustrating can be to have your skincare peel during the day, specially if you are wearing makeup. Let me know how it goes. 🤍🤍


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