Unapologetically letting you know, I’ve done it again. I’ve gotten more stars in my own constellation of piercings and I LOVE IT.

Keep reading for my little guide on piercings and keep scrolling for a video of my experience *warning, sensitive material*

These were not my first piercings. I’ve gotten a few over the years and they’ve all come together pretty great so I am here to share my experience with you in case you are considering getting some of your own 🙂

My Piercing Guide

A. Plan

Just as a tattoo, piercings are long-term commitments. Of course, they are way more subtle but you really don’t want to go through the pain and healing phase just to regret doing it. So, my first tip, plan and think about it for a long time. Do your research and fill your boards with pins. Better safe than sorry.

B. Plan Again

I am a super indecisive person. I take LONG to make any choice but SPECIALLY if it’s something I am going to wear forever. So, I wanted to share 2 tips to help you make your decision easier:

  1. Get rhinestone stickers to see how you ears would look. Please note that every ear is different and what you see in pictures might not suit your ears so try the look on your ears and take pictures.
  2. Get a Silicone Ear and design your ears in advance. Sometimes piercing studios have them but you don’t want to be in a rush.

C. Commit

So you are ready to get your dots? Then you are going to have to commit to keep your ears healthy. The worst you can have is a piecing infection (believe me, you are one google search away to back out on your piercing). I haven’t had bad experiences with any of my piercings (I have 9) so this is my tip: Wash your piercings (front and back) 2 times a day with mild soap (not antibacterial as it is too harsh and it will irritate your piercings). If you feel the healing process is taking too long, getting a piercing solution or prepare it at home adding 1/4 tbsp of kosher salt to 1 cup of water.

D. Use the piercing studio jewelry the first time

I´ll admit it, most of the time is not cute or it´s just not what you had in mind. I´ve been there too BUT it´s super important to use hypoallergenic mterials and reputable piercing studios will have the best.

E. Don’t change your piercing before the 8th month

Patience, patience, patience. You will think your piercing is healed, but it’s not. Don’t change your jewelry before having it for 8 months and when you are ready, use jewelry with safe materials. NO NICKEL, NO FANTASY PLEASE!

F. Better together

Go with a friend for emotional support. It really is a fun experience to do with others!

G. One ear at a time

Your ear will hurt for about a week so if you are planning to have a good night sleep, consider getting one ear pierced per visit.

H. Do not try this at home

I almost died when I saw a TikTok trend on doing your own piercing. This is extremely dangerous! Please go to a professional.

I. It does hurt, for a second

I would compare the pain to been stung by a bee. Some areas of the ear hurt more than others. The closer to the lower part of the ear (lobe) the less painful it is. Also, cartilage piercings tend to take longer to heal. If you are getting into the pierce sisterhood, I would recommend getting a second lobe first that way you can get some experience before you get into the “big leagues”.

J. Types of ear piercings

Check out the picture below!

Hoping this post was helpful for you. I am in no way a piercing expert but after getting 9 I think you learn something about it 🙂 I got mine both in Panama and Toronto. For Toronto studio, check out Black Pearl and ask for Mike, he’s the best.

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