Let me tell you what blue light blocking glasses do in case you’ve been living under a rock (no judgement here). Blue light glasses or “gamer glasses” are designed to reduce stress on your eyesight caused by your daily screen time. They do so by blocking blue light coming from your screen (tv, laptop, tablet, phone, the light they use at your office, street lights, and more). As you may imagine, in this decade we are more exposed to blue light than ever.

Now, I’ll tell you my little story.

I have just switched jobs and my current job sometimes requires me to design on the computer meaning that my daily screen time has increased.

One day I left work and my right eye started having difficulty to focus. I also started having a bit of intermittent pain behind my eye. The pain started on a Friday and on Tuesday I decided to visit a walking clinic.

The doctor, unamused, said that I was having an ocular migraine, a condition that is so common he gets patients once a week.

My doctor recommended to stay away from screens for the next 3 to 5 days, taking a migraine pill and wearing blue light blocking glasses.

As I was in the middle of a work week, I opted for trying the blue light glasses instead. In a matter of 2 days, I was way better.

Some doctors say blue light glasses don’t work, some say is a great way to reduce any kind of damage in your eyes. I think any extra protection can’t harm, specially if they look so stylish!

I found a brand on Amazon with great prices and amazing quality. Keep scrolling for me trying on 5 different styles.

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