Not long ago, I was Googling about how to keep myself motivated to exercise 5 days a week. Days are getting shorter and I know myself well to know how my motivation drops from 5 to 0 in a matter of weeks right when the leaves start falling. After all, the best to keep yourself motivated is to add variety to your training routine either by changing your gym locations or switching your activities everyday.

My experience was so fun that I kept wondering how have I never considered a trampoline park as a gym alternative. After all, 10 minutes jumping equal 30 minutes running!

Watch the video below to take a look on how much fun I had.

I visited Flying Squirrel in London, ON. I had an amazing experience. The place was clean and the staff were nice. I also was surprised on the good prices, I paid $20 for 1 hour in the park. They sell their mandatory special socks (with grip at the bottom) for $3 extra. You can reuse your socks every time you visit.

This was a really fun experience and worth to consider visiting when motivation is missing in the cold winter months.

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