Some are new, some are old. Some are luxury, some are really affordable. Find a cute photo album from my bedroom, showing you my favourite mini handbags that I haven’t stopped using all Summer. Directly from my wardrobe to your screen, keep scrolling to take a look!

Ruched Bag

I got this beauty on Shein. I love the material, it looks high quality and feels durable. I am not afraid to get it wet in my next pool party. BTW there’s a white version that’s to die for!

Cow Baguette

I’ve been so obsessed of cow prints (and cows in general) for as long as I can remember so as soon as this print got on trend I knew I was going to end up getting a handbag or shoes with it. This is probably going to be out of style as soon as Summer 21 is over but I will keep, cherish it and probably use it as decor in my bedroom. The case is from my friend’s brand MiU. Totally recommended!

Mini Speedy

Every time I wear this bag, it becomes the topic of conversation with strangers. This Nano Speedy has been with me for 6 years now. I got it on a trip to Paris. Little tip if you live in America, wait to travel to Europe to get designer bags (from European houses), you end up paying about 25% less!

Miel Ruched Handle Bag

This beautiful bag is handmade by one of my dearest friends in Toronto. It’s so unique and the size is perfect.

Chained Croc Baguette

I was in need for a subtle but trendy nude bag. This one is just the perfect size and weight. The strap is not my favourite (it looks cheap) but luckily is detachable. Shein has this bag in black and brown too.

Croc Cube Handbag

You’ve probably seen this little bag a million times if you’ve read my for a while. This is the kind of purchase that one must do, it was a very cheap handbag from Forever 21 (I think I even got it on sale) but if you take care of it, it’s trendy but subtle enough to look new for many years.

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