I know, we are in the middle of Summer! I hate to break it to you but, Summer doesn’t seem to want to stay long this year.

In case you are thinking on getting more Summer clothes, I am bringing you what are the trends for Fall / Winter 2021 so you can make the most out of those new garments. Remember to shop consciously. What works for me is to pay special attention to colors, silhouettes and bend towards pieces that can be layered in colder months. The world, your wallet and closet space will thank you.

Keep scrolling for the Fall / Winter 2021 top 5 trends.


1. Head to Toe Knits

Coziness is still important. It became part of our DNA after a year plus of working at home. I love this head to toe look for my beloved Canadian winter. I can’t wait to wear a knitted long dress and over the knee boots!

2. Colorful Winter

Something I can wait to try is adding colors to my wardrobe. You know that I wear black 90% of the time but it’s time to cheer up a bit and celebrate life after a pandemic. I’ve heard these are the roaring 20s vol. 2! Let’s make it happen.

3. Knee Boots plus anything

Wear them with dresses, mini skirts, pants and shorts. I am an over-the-knee boots fan, it helps my 5’2 body look taller and anything I wear with them looks polished AND sexy. Knee boots give you the same look and are more comfortable to wear. A definite yes for me.

4. Oversized Vests

This is a piece that I would be hesitant to get as I can’t imagine wearing anything other than my parka on the winter. This trend my be good for warmer cities but it’s a great wear to add a niece cozy piece that layers up and still shows the amazing outfit you are wearing underneath.

5. Logo-mania

Is it too much? Probably. I have very few logo items but for sure are the best gems to keep and resell after the season.

Other trends that were noticeable in a smaller scale:
White boots (60s style)
Metallic garments (specially gold)
XL Sleeve length (pictures below)
Quilted Puffer Jackets
Low – Rise Mini Skirts

Raf Simons
Marc Jacobs

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