It was about time! After 3 years living in Toronto, I have acquired some Summer dresses to add to my wardrobe. As I’ve been focused on putting together my Fall Winter outfits all of these years as I had plenty of Summer friendly clothing coming from Panama, I’ve been using the same hot weather outfits for the last couple of years.

I am happy to present my selection of Summer dresses directly from SHEIN! It was my first time buying from Shein and I have to say it, I had a great experience. For all my budget conscious girls, Shein is really THE new fast fashion alternative. Make sure to plan your purchases though, it took exactly 2 weeks to arrive to Toronto, I returned 2 items (because of sizing) and the refund to my credit card was made within 2 days.

It is for sure not sustainable but you are in charge of making conscious decisions when getting something from a fast fashion brand. Shop consciously!

Keep scrolling to see the dresses I got below.

Butterfly Dress

My favourite! Light buttery fabric, amazing fitting, sweet but sexy. I’ve been using it with sneakers, sandals, flip flops. I literally can´t stop using it!

Jacquemus “inspired”

I got this one because I want to learn how to make it myself with my sewing machine. It’s “inspired” in that iconic Jacquemus for Pre-Fall 2020. It’s very revealing so I won’t be wearing casually but a nice dress to going out in Summer, layering in Fall.

Mermaid Vibes

I said I wanted the mermaid look for Summer. Here the proof. I LOVE THIS DRESS and the nice pink shade!

Asymmetric for out and about

This is those kind of dresses that just stay in your wardrobe for years! I’ve been using it a lot lately, it’s super comfortable and the colour suits every skin tone.

Classic Earthy

A Sunday brunch kind of dress. The colour AND fitting fits most. It has that linen kind of fabric that makes it very lightweight.

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