My dear readers, totally unrelated but necessary to uncover, life caught up with me this past week and this post, unlike all the others, wasn’t planned. Please allow me to be real for one second, I am that kind of person that has many projects, hobbies and meetings going on at the same time and now that Toronto has started opening back (after a year), everything and everyone have crowded my schedule. So here I am on my super important post day, Wednesday, at 11 p.m. fabricating a post for you. Hope you like the spontaneity.

You have probably noticed this but I have not been updating anything fashion related content on here, or on social media. There’s a reason: I’ve been going through some stuff and my creativity and motivation had been compromised, until now. I will explain what I mean with “some stuff” one day, when I figure it out. Anyway, I feel like I am coming out of feeling numb about my fashion decisions and now I am into wearing pink, red and orange TOGETHER and painting my hair blue. That’s a good sign, right?

You will get a post about my cute Summer outfits next Wednesday but today I am getting my toes back into the water (the fashion water) with this post.

I got some new clothing last week, after A YEAR of not getting a single t-shirt. Not even thrifted. When I was trying on my new beloved pieces I realized that there was a staple missing in my wardrobe: white sneakers.

And the search started…

You’d think that finding a great pair of white sneakers with so many options wouldn’t be fast and easy but I’ve been obsessed with my black lift platform Converse since i got them last year (literally is all I’ve been wearing) so I started and finished my search there.

I laid my eyes on this collaboration of Converse with fashion designer Kim Jones and because I couldn’t decide which colour I liked more, I got them both (then I regretted it but that’s another story).

If you are a Converse lover like me, be sure to subscribe to their website to receive early notifications on their collabs. They are all to die for and a great way to get a designer piece for a more affordable price. Oh ant the best, these Converse x Kim Jones are on sale right now at

You will for sure see me wearing them the entire Summer, Fall and probably Winter before the snow stars getting disgusting.

One thought on “Converse x Kim Jones Collab, I am obsessed

  1. I have been a Cuck Tylor Converse sneakers since I was a teenager, mu favorite is a low cut, nowadays there are new Converse sneakers styles and the are nice, soon will try at least a pair.


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