I believe an existential caffeine need is a part of growing up but, just like anything good in life, it comes with a price. My reckless addiction has taken me to drink up to 5 cups a day. FIVE. 

I knew there had to be consequences to my addictive behaviour, but I was avoiding the inevitable bad news that would add guilt to my morning ritual. 

I did my research eventually and found all the side effects of my addiction to caffeine:

– nervousness/ anxiety
– insomnia
– upset stomach
– nausea
– increased heart rate
– and more…

One cup of coffee won’t kill you and can actually give you some benefits. But, what if you could intake caffeine and get better benefits at the same time? That would be like a superhero drink, right?

I present to you: MATCHA, the super drink.

I created this Matcha drink for the first time, I’ve been drinking the same recipe for a few days now and I guarantee you, you will feel the difference. All I can think is how I didn’t include it in my life sooner. Mmm… I remember now, matcha is expensive. Especially when compared to coffee.

Depending on the brand, this antioxidant-packed drink can be quite a luxury. A luxury I will be willing to pay because I’ve been feeling great these past days and the only thing that has changed in my routine is replacing coffee for matcha. I feel absolutely energized for half of the day with just 1 teaspoon of matcha on my drink. I would describe the feeling as if I slept 10+ hours of REM sleep (I am exaggerating a bit but I am very enthusiastic about how renewed I feel now). I have not had the typical coffee anxiety I used to experience and that makes me so happy. The last thing we need during this pandemic is more anxiety, am I right?

The best part is that you can prepare smoothies, parfaits, pancakes, and more… Endless possibilities.

Matcha Drink Recipe


-Unsweetened Silk Almond Milk
Saikou Matcha Green Tea Powder (this Matcha is delicious. Is the one I am using in the video below)


Milk Frother

Graphic showing matcha lattes as a background
How to make a lactose-free and dairy-free whipped Matcha Latte using almond milk

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