Plumped lips, faux freckles and outline eyeliner, my obsession with Indie Makeup trends has just begun.

By a 50% chance you are reading this and thinking I am crazy and by 50% chance you know exactly why I find this trend super cute, I am here to give you some inspo.

I am prone to having freckles myself but I have never seen freckles as something good just because having more meant that I wasn’t taking care of my skin properly. Until now… There’s something about a freckled face with a killer makeup look that makes it look totally natural, chill and attainable. That perfectly undone look that we want to achieve.

If you know me well, you might know that I am super serious about protecting my skin from sun damage so developing natural freckles is a huge no no for me but that doesn’t mean I have to give up on the look. And you neither.

I am here to bring you a tutorial on how I create natural looking freckles and what product I used to make them stay flawlessly on my face during an entire day.



I don’t mind people knowing my freckles are not real and neither should you! This is probably a fad and as any short trend, it’s made to have fun. Makeup is made to have fun. Enjoy your life, you only have one chance and these past 2 years have been pretty boring. Let’s have some fun 😉

With love,


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