Fashion has and will always move around social events and there was no exception with the 2020 pandemic.

Loungewear was popular among the Gen Zs before the lockdowns started but many of us millennials (who had been in the professional landscape enough time to have a work-to-party kind of wardrobe) were not aware of how amazing can be Netflix and chilling AND running errands using the same outfit. Also, many of us are working through a camera now so looking like you showered for the day can be quite essential. That’s the reason why Athflow (a new term to describe that loungy-athletic-comfy but cool aesthetic) has became and is most likely to remain popular for quite some time after we are able to attend events again.

I have to say, I’ve never been a fan of sweatpants (my first pair is 9 months old) but after 1 month of mandatory lockdown I realized my wardrobe was not working for me. So I gave in…

I have added pieces here and there that are both comfortable and make me look as if I tried my best (and scored!). I am still the girl that goes to the groceries wearing high heels but every day that passes by I am getting more comfortable inside my pair of sweatpants, and now I think it looks cool!

Here are 3 looks I put together for you.

Let me know in the comments if you are on the high heels team or you are all in into the loungewear aesthetic.

Outfit 1

Paired this look using my DIY- Tie Dye Joggers (click here for tutorial), crew socks and white sneakers. I also DIYed the top last year (Spanish tutorial on my reels).

Outfit 2

I paired a comfy hoodie with crew socks, a beanie and sneakers. The hoodie has a laced detail on the waist and gives it an edgy and feminine look.

Outfit 3

I paired some slacks, loafers and a cropped turtleneck with bubble sleeves. Complement the look with bed hair, (grab the hair roots after washing it).

Young woman modeling comfy clothes besides a window
Styling ideas for the biggest trend of 2021- Athleisure

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