If you have to deal with Winter every year, you know what I mean when I say that skirts become useless if you don’t own a pair of tights. And if you own tights, it’s usually more than one pair.

I live in Toronto and let me tell you, winter is tough for a fashion lover like me. Dressing up becomes a struggle from October to May, especially because your outfit is under a huge coat half of the year. Did I mention that I’d rather wear skirts?

Lucky for me, I love using black tights too. I feel it makes an outfit look sophisticated. This love for tights took me to struggles every woman experienced in the 60s and many of us, winter-skirt-wearers still do today: tears, rips and holes.

Even though I love black tights, I found myself having to decide each morning if I was willing to take the risk. From my experience, ripping my tights in the middle of the day was highly probable and this usually granted an “improvised” visit to the dollar store.

When I found myself carrying an emergency pair of tights on my handbag each time I wore them, I understood this had to stop. I was polluting the planet just to be able to wear a skirt on Winter!

And yes I did, I stopped.

One magical day, Instagram who knows all of what your heart desires (basically because they know what you watch, search and talk about) showed me Sheertex on a mind-blowing ad. An ad you’ve probable seen: it featured a woman trying to rip her black tights with a pair of SCISSORS. She also had long nails and was trying to poke a hole through them, unsuccessfully. #MINDBLOWING

Sheertex Review

The price made me back up. A pair of tights range from $5 to $20 (they all rip anyway) and Sheertex starts at $69. I am an skeptic when it comes to products from the internet with mind-blowing ads. Same as you, I’ve had bad experiences with online shopping before. Needless to say, I was scared when I made the purchase.

Lucky for you, I am here to spend the money before you do, and tell you all about it 😉 Let me give you the deets:


I got 2 pairs, both thigh highs for personal preference:

Sheer Thigh Highs

Backseam Sheer Thigh Highs


Both of them have the same texture. They both have a matte finish and feel a bit rough. It does not bother me but if you are looking for a silky smooth finish you might want to try another style.


I ordered Small for both styles. They fit pretty great and are easy to put on.

I should mention that even being short (5’2 ft), I kind of regret buying both of them thig highs because they show when I wear a short (mini) skirt.

Strength – Are they really unbreakable?

Well, I tried! Not on my own pieces though, the package I received had a little piece of the same fabric for you to try to rip it. I tried doing it with my nails, a sharp table corner, a hanger and even with a key but I wasn’t able not poke a hole. I must say, yes, they wear out a bit and the seams get tore when you are really trying to rip them but I believe these won,’t happen in your day to day (I hope so!).

My experience

I’ve wore them many times and I am so happy with them! They passed the test with me when I wore them with my Dr. Martens, they usually kill my stockings but they didn’t even left a mark on my Sheertex stockings.

I 200% recommend the splurge, I categorize this brand a new essential in my wardrobe.

Thank you for reading,


* I purchased both pieces with my own money. I am not affiliated with Sheertex but this page contains affiliate links which means I get a small percentage of any purchase made.

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My honest review on Sheertex pantyhose, better known as indestructible tights.

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