Today’s post is about the trend no one thought was coming (back again): TIE DYE.

Luckily for fashion-oriented individuals, quarantine hit at the same time that most Americans perform the so much called Spring Closet Cleaning.

It’s pretty evident by social media that quarantine has pushed the creative boundaries of most people and what an easier way to experiment with outdated clothing than the easiest of fashion DIYs.

I started seeing the trend coming fast and was completely drew by it when I saw what a reverse tie-dye (made with bleach instead of dye) could do to a black garment.

So yes, I am guilty, once again, of joining a cult I didn’t really want to join.

I posted a Tik Tok (another cult I’ve joined) explaining how I did my Tie Dye. I loved the results so much that I made a few more pieces to post them on the store as well.

Some of the pieces I made that are posted on the store:

How to style

Check out the next video on how I style this piece!

How to DIY your pieces using the Reverse Tie Dye Technique

Last but not least, I am showing you how I did it on the next video.

Yes, I was spending a lot of time on Tik Tok hihihi


Apologies for the rushed ending 😂 still learning TikTok editing #diyhoodie #diytiedye #diytiedie #diytiktoks

♬ Devil Eyes – Hippie Sabotage

Thank you for reading watching me.


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