You all know that my days on quarantine have consisted mainly of typing on my laptop, recording Tik Toks, and running to the post office to send a package for a customer (btw if you are a Tropical Statement customer, thank you so so much for supporting my small business).

I live in Toronto and we are not in complete lockdown so we are able to run “essential errands” for groceries or anything work-related. My extrovert self has behaved REALLY well and I haven’t left my home other than to ship my precious packages. But then, right beside the Shopper’s Drugmart is a Dollar Store (AKA Dollarama for Canadians).

Usually, the Dollar Store is for calendars, toilet paper, and kitchen utensils but this time I found the most beautiful, Pinterest worthy hair clips (I actually had lookalikes on my board already).

I created some easy looks for you using these pins:

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