There’s something about the French girl style, isn’t it? French girls (and French designers) have been a major inspiration in Fashion for decades. I mean, these girls live in the fashion capital of the world. Just to think about the architecture they get to experience every day on their way to work, to do groceries, running errands, it’s a no brainer that inspiration arrives easier.

But despite common belief, the French girl style is incredibly simple and laid back. The world every magazine or blog uses to describe this style: effortless.

And by effortless, I believe we’ve found what gives the French girl style such notoriety. Effortless requires effort too and to achieve it and feel confident is not an easy task. And that’s exactly what the French girls seek. Also, there is no doubt of the unnamed elegance that comes with a classic piece (the white shirt, a black blazer, a pair of flats…) made from quality materials.

For this post, I tried my best to put together the French style BUT when looking into my closet I could barely find any piece that achieved this look. So I went to my roommate’s wardrobe (he’s a guy) to get some pieces that matched the vibe.

Another little inconvenience: my body type! I am petite and curvy and most of the looks I put together were not really my style. I must say it was the first time I didn’t feel like myself when creating a styling post.

My little piece of advice from experience: not because a style or a trend is popular and appraised it means you have to get on board. Be true to yourself, wear what makes you feel beautiful. That is what will make your look effortless, even if it’s not (now we know, it never is).

And for my French style outfits, what can I say? I am just an American.






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