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I’ve had a couple of unglamorous days in the past 2 weeks of quarantine. No makeup, my belly has been bloated (thanks gluten or whatever is causing it), dirty hair, pimples and all…

Nowhere to go so I don’t essentially care but I’ve had time on my hands to do some online shopping and it’s not shocking that instead of buying clothing, I’ve rather focused on self-care products. I think being enclosed for the past 2 months is our perfect excuse for a little splurge and we better use it, ladies.

My top 5 proven money-worthy-products that I’ve bought and used on quarantine

Top 5 Best Self Care Products
Best beauty products for women. Listing the must haves for skincare and hair for self quarantine.
  1. Gisou Minis: I have prepared a Mini Review for my Thursday post showing you another before and after. I think the good reviews are true, the only complaints I’ve heard about this brand is that is too expensive but compared to other hair treatments, I’d say this brand delivers the perfect trio: price – quality – quantity.
  2. Nuxe Dry Oil: I tend to avoid anything that leaves a heavy greasy feeling on me. I’ve seen this oil around for a long time and I tried it just this week thanks to a sample I was gifted. OMG I’ve been missing out from this amazing product. It is not heavy at all and the fragrance is sexy and subtle at the same time.
  3. Ouai Rose Oil: This is a 2 in 1 product. The kind of product I love (same as Nuxe) you can apply this one on your hair and body! I love a smell of roses and how delicate leaves your skin. This is the first product I try from Ouai and will not be the last.
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath: Do we remember this video? Well, same product, still obsessed! It moistures your lips and gives you a plumping effect. No lip injections needed. This brand has a popular lipstick shade called Pillow Talk (worn by anyone and everyone) and they just released the Collagen Lip Bath in the same shade, how cool!
  1. Dr Jart Rubber Mask: I heard that a beauty secret of many is to leave a sheet mask overnight. I did and my skin fell so soft and looked so bright in the morning! I definitely recommend doing it once a week.

Hoping you are taking good care of yourself (mind and body!).

As always, thanks so much for reading me and supporting my blog and online store.


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