From been forced to follow a lactose free and gluten free diet comes a world of new terms and food variations I never knew existed. Mostly those appealing to vegans.

For instance, mylk (instead of milk) is how you call dairy free milk. Think of almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk and the latest trendy: oat milk.

Oat milk has become widely popular because it’s thick, it doesn’t leave after taste and it is SO yummy.

And I decided to try it for this recipe. Warning: it is mind blowing!

Prep Time: 2 min


– Vanilla Sugar Free Oat Milk (I used Earth’s Own because it’s the only Gluten Free I could find at the supermarket)
– Dirty Chai Tea (Traditional Chai Tea with Espresso)
– Hot Water


– Milk Frother

Watch this video for full process:

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