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Film awards season runs from November to February every year when the most famous and important film awards take place. And for the elite core of the fashion industry is a critical season.

Why is it so critical?

Despite a gown is not an everyday piece, major celebrity events like The Oscars influence on trends for Spring/Summer every year.

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Donatella Versace and Jlo at the Met Gala 2015. Jlo wearing Versace oc!

Designers get to show their latest collection to a broad audience (even those not interested in fashion) and it becomes a major opportunity to show their designs on celebrities (OG influencers). A way to give life to designs that basically have just been seen on a runway.

It sounds like a dream come true for a fashion designer, right?

Yes it is BUT there is one key challenge every fashion designer faces when dressing celebrities for these kind of events.

The dynamic of why an artist chooses a specific designer depend on who they are and their relationship with the designer, you can learn more about it on this article I’ve found which explains it all.

Designs are mostly selected and styled by celebrities and their stylist team so the designer doesn’t always have 100% control over the final looks.

The major risk: poor styling could make a great piece added to the “worst dress” list we see every year. Your brand would be attached to a worst dressed list FOR LIFE. Just try googling “Oscar’s 1999 worst dressed”.

Check out some on the trends brought to you from The Oscars red carpet 2020.

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