I am not a fan of making a best dressed / worst dressed list. I believe it is a subjective opinion and in my personal opinion it’s not nice to spread hate based on a bad styling decision but as I’ve explained before on this post, a red carpet event of a magnitude as The Oscars have a direct impact on the trends we’ll see for Spring Summer (or have been directly influenced by them? first was the chicken or the egg?). This means of course that we NEED to talk about it right here on Tropical Statement!

The trends as seen on the red carpet


One shoulders, diagonal necklines, diagonal hemlines… This trend is coming strong for Fall/Winter as you’ll see on my next post recap Fashion Week FW2020.

Over the top silhouettes

Huge bows, over the top ruffle game, over the top layering… These styles were focused on using shapes that are out of the ordinary for a sophisticated event. Personally I love this trend but it must be used with care considering your height and body type.


Cinched waists on corseted dresses were really popular as well. We saw this trend coming since the SS20 fashion shows.

Wonder W

Not all the heroes wear capes but if they did The Oscars 2020 gave them the whole variety. Let’s see how a cape can be worn in many different styles:


From wearing vintage dresses, repeating gowns to repurposing a piece! I found this article where every single conscious decision made for The Oscars is put together. FINALLY!

Do you want to know why is The Oscars so important for the fashion industry? Click here

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