When I heard Shakira and JLo were going to split the Super Bowl’s half time show I found it odd. They are both latino queens but they have such different styles in every aspect, from their image to their music that I could not imagine how they were going to pull it off without the result feeling awkwardly pushed through.

It’s been a few days since and I am still not over this presentation!

I think what made this show so iconic is that they did not compete on their presentation and instead developed this show in a way to be a presentation of the culture being extra careful to not look too inclined to any of the artists but without taking away their individual essence, it ended up being just amazing. I heard from no-latino friends our music is just the most joyful music in the world and coverts any moment into a party and that’s exactly what happened on the Hard Rock Stadium

And with such a widely broadcasted show + two powerful women in the entertainment industry = comes great fashion.


Shakira’s first outfit was a sparkly red front criss-crossed sleeveless top with a matching high waisted mini skirt (which I believe is a thick belt+skirt situation) and matching OTK boots as well. This outfit was made by Peter Dundas featuring Swarovski crystals.

Dundas is a well-known Norwegian fashion designer who has collaborated with major stars as Beyoncé (Grammys 2017), Emily Ratajkowski (Cannes 2017) and many more. He specializes in OTT dresses for OTT occasions, his designs are to die for.

Shakira’s second outfit is just slightly modified from her first one. Super Bowl Half time shows are between 12 min to 14 min long so there was not enough time for outfit changes in the presentation. Shakira takes off her belt and stays with the same top and skirt from her first outfit just putting on top a two- layered fringed skirt on the same red tone.

This feather embellished long layer wasn’t part of the show for a long time as Shakira litteraly rips it and leaves it on the stage when she starts singing reggaeton. I don’t know if the goosebumps I felt were because of Bad Bunny surprisingly apprearing on-stage or seeing this designer piece on the floor.

When I was watching the show for the 1st time I thought she stayed with the same outfit the whole presentation it wasn’t until now that I noticed she had different layers on it. I wished they could have done it way more versatile so you could see different styles but again, the timing is everything in this kind of shows.

Beside Shakira’s “tongue thing meme” this final outfit was also trendy after one tweet became viral where there was a comparison between Shakira’s character on Zootopia and her Super Bowl costume. I must say, it is incredibly similar. Maybe it is true that comics predict the future after all lol!


Jlo and the Versace House have had a close relationship for years. Versace has repeatedly spoken on how Jlo represents their brand and proof of that is the invitation Donatella made to Jlo on closing the Versace Runway Show for Spring 2020 last year which BROKE the internet.

Predictably Versace and Jlo collaborated for her entire Super Bowl wardrobe and as as matter of course, Versace did not disappoint.

Jlo first’s outfit, a studded leather jumpsuit strategically showing her derriere was inspired in her 90’s persona which gave her major success at that time.

Jlo’s second outfit, which she strategically had layered under her first costume, was a beautiful nude net embellished in calculated areas of her body.

Despite both of the singers wore similar outfits on the closing section of the show (I’d say this was on purpose) each of them stayed with their respective designers.

Shakira in Dundas and Jlo in Versace did no more than closing with all means a jaw dropping show.

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