Have you ever put together an outfit and wonder, why doesn’t it look complete or why doesn’t it has the same charm as the pictures I see on my feed? For this week’s post I am bringing you some tips to make your outfits look EXTRA cute and premeditated.

It seems my life revolves around what I wear. This is far from true, I am not an organized person and I am busy all the time so I don’t get to have 2 hours each day to choose what to wear. I am guessing you either!

I don’t plan my outfits ahead because it’s time-consuming and I end up choosing something different from what I planned. I’ve always dressed as I feel and I won’t be changing that anytime soon.

I hope these tips help you in your busy life as well. Let’s start!

Pinterest is my best weapon

Somedays you are just too tired to even think about matching your clothes. The best 2 things that work for me on those days:

  1. Have a few pieces that are easy (think about the little black dress or the white blazer)
  2. Have Pinterest boards with moods (Casual Outfits, Office Outfits, White Blazer Outfits, Lazy Days, etc…)

This way you’ll just need to pick an “easy garment”, open your Pinterest and get some inspo of what to put together. Don’t forget to give it your special touch!

Know what you own

As I mentioned on my jewelry collection post, you need to be aware of what you own or you’ll end up overbuying or having nice things that you only remember when the trend has past. This applies specially to accessories which are the key for looking polished and different every time.

If you don’t have a photographic memory, a little organization is necessary. Keep your small bags together, your winter hats together, all your belts together… Simple things like this will help you remember, even more if you get to see them everyday when you are getting ready.

I use this simple and useful rule:

A simple outfit, statement accessories. Simple accessories, a statement outfit.

If your outfit is a basic top, a pair of jeans, white sneakers and a black blazer, add a printed bandana and a bright red clutch, voilà! It is spiced up now.

Basic outfits spiced up using a bandana and a statement handbag.

Layers for winter, layers for spicing

If you are a loyal reader you know exactly what we are talking about. I am linking the layering game post right here for our new readers.

Any famous fashion blogger give this styling tip. There is nothing that makes you look more stylish that adding layers to your outfits, specially if it’s cold outside. Always ask yourself at the end if you could add an extra layer and go for it.

Accessories have a vibe. Go with the same vibe.

This is a reminder for myself. After years of buying tons of accessories I got to notice that the ones I never used were a completely different vibe from my style.

Be true to yourself and the styles you love. I know my wardrobe has pieces that go from extremely sophisticated to edgy to preppy to glam… You don’t have to put your style in one box but be aware what your vibe is not (boho for me) and stay away from those accessories. In the same context, if you are wearing an edgy handbag, avoid pairing it with girly shoes that way your outfit will make sense.

Avoid leaving home without earrings

Super random but there is something about going out without earrings that makes you look incomplete. Is it easier said than done? Yes. Is it impossible? No!

My tip: keep a pair of extra earrings inside your wallet.

When in doubt, monochromatics

Yay! I have another post dedicated completely at how a simple monochromatic look can look so OTT (over the top). This trend is extremely in style and is seriously easy if you have a colorful style. Don’t take it too seriously, all the pieces don’t have to be the same Pantone color lol!

Dress for yourself

You got dressed. It is a risky look. Nothing you imagined wearing.

Ask yourself just one question: Do I feel good wearing this? ? If the answer is yes you are ready to go.

Please, don’t ask yourself what will everyone think about your outfit. Some might think is crazy and some might compliment your style.

Fashion is about keeping your self-esteem while wearing something out of your comfort zone. Today is crazy, tomorrow a trend. Just smile and walk as you own the world. That will do.

Thanks for reading!

Andrea ♡

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