Let’s be honest, there are 2 kind of woman: the one that wears the same jewelry everyday and the one that changes, mix and matches her accessories every.single.day.

This post is made for both because no matter what, we all have more jewelry that we actually need and wear. Don’t put all the blame on you, I know you have probably received half of your collection as gifts on special occasions.

Image result for acrylic drawer

Anyhow, the thing you need to remember with jewelry is that you need to see it in order to wear it.

Even if your collection is pretty basic (I don’t think mine is outrageous) you will indeed forget what you have if you don’t have it visually organized and, you will end up wearing the same jewelry everyday despite all the beautiful pieces you have. In the worst of cases, you’ll even buy a new piece which is almost identical to one you already own (true story).

Before moving to Toronto, my organization consisted in having acrylic drawers and tossing all my jewelry there. It was terrible, just an illusion of organization.

Now I have less space so I had to figure out a new way.

And this is what I did:

I do not like to have my jewelry exhibited, I feel it makes my space look messy so for me having my jewelry in a top drawer (or on a vanity table) is the best.

I got jewelry trays at the Dollar Store and realized that most of my jewelry are hoop earrings! F#ck. Pardon my French…

And then, I got the brilliant idea I want to share with you:

Image result for pins pearlescent png

** insert heavenly music**

The cheapest, more convenient and clever idea I’ve had in a long time (I am exaggerating) BUT it does hold my hoops and big rings, even if the tray is vertical! So if you like to have your jewelry exhibited think about getting a book holder and voila!

Similar trays I found online

I hope this helps! Thank you for reading me 🙂


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