My secret to productivity and to not looking like a zombie, even if I feel like one, is right here.

I had such a rough 2021. I kinda started 2022 just wanting to take it easy. I still have my goals and my head on the game but I am also NOT worried about the future as I used to be and that makes me feel good. What´s helped me come back to this tropical state of mind you ask. One of the main:

As you know, besides having this blog and my side hustle (I am a part-time fashion reseller) I work a full-time job for a hair accessories company. I love my job, it is the job that pays my bills and it´s also the one that drains me out 100%. Correction: 200%.

Truth be told, almost any job in this era is like mine. I know yours is. The thing is if I don´t stop mid-week to have my sacred Spa day (night*) then I end up looking like the woman from the beginning of the video I am about to show you:

So every Wednesday night, I clear my night 3 hours before bed just to have a no-nothing time. No Netflix, no cellphone, no computer, no music, no books… absolutely nothing.

And damn, it is so hard and so rewarding at the same time.

Now, I am not saying that you have to be as hardcore as I am but you might want to try it out. After all, being disconnected has become a rare luxury. Like me, you might find it makes your spa night way more special.

Another thing that brings me joy on my spa night: preparing my shower.

I try to use anything I don´t do on the regular because of lack of time. Here I am linking some of my product recommendations for you:

Now all I can say is enjoy!!!

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