What better day to come back than the first Wednesday of the year?

As you might have noticed, I took 5 Wednesdays off for my mental health. My plan was to take only one week off but funny enough when I wrote How to bounce back from burnout when following your dreams I was already burning out.

So I took my own piece of advice and decided that the last month of the year was the perfect excuse to restore myself.

I am telling you this because we don´t really know how much we need a break until we take one! January tends to be a month with a lot of pressure. Pressure to have a plan, to start working towards your resolutions, to lose the holiday weight, etc etc. From the bottom of my heart, take a break now if you didn´t have a chance in December.

Thanks to my break I learned one last lesson for 2021:

Sometimes you are not unmotivated, sometimes you just need a break.

I am so happy to be back to Tropical Statement writing for this new year despite how chaotic is the world at this moment. A great year is ahead and I intend to keep writing all my new adventures here (some new exciting ones coming very soon).

See you next Wednesday!

Makeup: 2 hours Hair: 5 min
Event Address: My Living Room
Happy Covidxmas 🙂

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