Have you ever felt you are trying to catch up with your own life and no matter how much you try you are still behind? That is how I feel lately. I wake up very early in the morning and go to sleep late at night, exhausted. Hence I am cutting myself some slack and letting my health be a priority. Last week my post was ready, had a minor inconvenience at the posting time and I just decided that I would just go with the flow. And the flow brought me here a week later lol!

This WAS PAINFUL AF. Will I ever recover it? Apparently not!

But this week, I am bringing you my favourite TS topic: skincare tips!

I have been asked several times over the past couple of weeks about my skincare routine.

In real life, whenever I am asked about a makeup product or a beauty routine I just show a blog post (say what you want but I consider that my personal flex).

It was the last couple of weeks that I realized I haven’t shared an updated skincare routine. At least not one with all the steps. And most importantly, I have never talked about the 2 steps that I do but that I see almost all of my friends missing.

So today I’ll show you these steps and why you should incorporate them in your routine.

Skin Prep before Serums

Before we start, if you want to know more about the order you should apply your skincare, check out My “The Ordinary” Skincare – Updated post where I detailed a step by step.

Now, every time I talk about skincare I notice that basically everyone just skips these 2 steps because it makes the routine ¨too long¨.

Yes, doing 10 steps it’s a hassle. I know because I do it and it took me a long time to commit BUT I also don’t think it’s necessary to have a 10-step routine to keep a healthy and glowy skin. Nevertheless, if you ask me I do think these 2 steps are necessary to achieve that, ESPECIALLY if you aim for a short routine.

Toner + Essence

When I started in the skincare world, in my early teens, cleansing + toning + moisturizing was the holy grail.

I always thought the toner was a commodin. A lotion meant to take off some remaining makeup or dirt from your face. I was kind of right.


Right after you have cleaned your face twice, comes the toner. If you are applying toner and you still catch makeup on your cotton pad, the third time will be a charm and absolutely necessary but it´s said that washing your face too much is harmful.

Why apply toner?

The toner is meant to give you an ultimate clean face. And an ultimate clean face will reduce your pores and give you that glass-looking skin.

My favourite toners


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, skincare starts with deep cleansing your skin. No matter how amazing ingredients you are applying to your skin, if you don’t put effort on getting all the dirt and makeup off your skin before applying ingredients, moisture, spf then your skin won’t reach its best.

But as you might know (or feel), cleansing your skin drys it out. And it could irritate as well. Btw by no means, your skin should feel tight after cleansing. If it does, you are using a cleanser that’s too harsh on your skin.

The essence is that little step that will make your skin bounce back to normal. Back to its basic level of moisture and it does have active ingredients that tell your skin: prepare for all that´s coming (that´s what he said? lol).

Why apply essence?

Because if you don’t your skin is too stressed, irritated and dehydrated from the cleansing that applying serums packed with ingredients will make your skin irritated, sensitive, and drier, meaning it will reject half of the serums you are applying.

Even if you don´t feel your skin is reacting to your cleansing routine, the essence step is one of those things that you have no idea you need until you incorporate it. Trust me. There´s no way back.

Your skin will look outstandingly healthier without changing anything else in your skincare routine. And I do believe it’s what makes people ask me what is my skincare routine.

My favourite Essence

My one and only. So good I refuse to try any other, for now…

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