Having a home gym is really a no brainer, it saves you time and money but it can be really difficult to be consistent if you need the motivation of going out to make exercise… you know, once you are out you are less likely to back out.

I believe I don’t have to explain what FORCED me into considering working out at home a necesity, 19 is the number? Winter and the pandemic meant that working out at home or not doing it at all were my 2 only options.

If you follow me on my socials you may have seen me move to a new place. My roommates and I were very lucky to find a townhouse that gives us some extra space. We decided to create a home gym on our now spacious living room.

I wasn’t that excited about the idea until we set the workout mat. Now, THAT is a game changer. The moment you set it there, your corner becomes a gym (lol).

My Tip: Start with the basics and set up a little space on your living room, garage, backyard, spare room, or even your office… any corner in your place where you can just put your stuff and leave them there. Not having to open space everyday just to workout will make you get rid of some of the workout blues.

Little by little I have gotten what I think is a basic gym set. So far this is what I’ve got. I have gotten some products on Amazon and some others at the dollar store (Dollarama for my Canadian readers).

  1. Jumping Rope
  2. Resistance Band
  3. Fabric Weight Bags (Dollar Store)
  4. Foam Roller
  5. 2 pound dumbbells
  6. Ab Roller Wheel
  7. Yoga Resistance Band
  8. Resistance Bands for Leg
  9. Yoga Block
  10. Ankle Weights
  11. Power Tower
  12. Gymnastic Rings
  13. Yoga Mats

Will I ever go back to the gym? I don’t think so! We have spent less than 2 months of gym membership setting up our home gym and it’s great on the short and long run.

If you are thinking on creating a workout space at home, do it! It’s really cost effective and having a dedicated space at your home just for working out is the motivator you are missing. And don’t forget the workout mat!

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