I was hesitant to share about this on my fashion blog but I hope this helps someone that is going through the same. Stay safe and stay healthy. It’s been quite a ride…

It all started a year ago, my clothes were not fitting me and no matter how well I ate and how much exercise I did, my belly was always bloated.

It didn’t come out of nowhere, growing up I always knew I had a weak stomach. I could eat the same as the rest of my family and always fell drained after lunch, I always needed 3 cups of tea and get some rest while everyone else was energized and ready to continue their day.

I have been friends for years with antacids, laxatives, Esomeprazole, Omeprazole, Probiotics, Prebiotics… I can continue but you get the point.

And on February 2020, none of this were helping me anymore. My belly got to a 4 months baby size. No kidding. I actually posted on Instagram and people started congratulating me (yikes).

February 2020


I am going to explain how my bloating felt because it often means different things to different people.

My belly felt full and uncomfortable all the time but without pain, constant burping, intermittent constipation and diarrhea. The bloating was mostly on my lower belly.

I always fell tired, had mood swings, everything that I ate made me sick, had a lot of headaches and rosacea. My skin was dry and dull, my lips were dry all the time and I could feel a different smell on my breath.

May 2020

Triggers (Causes)

I started noticing that my belly got intensely bloated after eating bread, pizza or drinking beer. That led me to think it was gluten what was getting me sick. When my doctor did the lab tests, nothing came up. No IBS, no gluten allergy or celiac decease.

My doctor sent me on a FODMAP diet and told me it was possible I had non-celiac gluten sensitivity which meant no more gluten for me.

The FODMAP diet is for people with IBS but it helps for people like me to determine what is causing chronic bloating. Those months were absolutely terrible. Now I was not only restrained from gluten but I also had to cut more than 50% of what I normally ate.

The result? The bloating got worst.

Talking with a friend (she’s a doctor) she recommended me to avoid lactose to see if the bloating got any better, and it did. But I still get bloated with a gluten and lactose free diet.

June 2020


Whenever I eat something that doesn’t go well with my colon, I know I will be bloated for the next 3 to 5 days. It’s inevitable. When it happens I opt for loose pants, skirts or dresses but it’s not always the case… specially if you have a fashion blog.

I have found some remedies to reduce the bloating which I repeat every single day until the bloating goes. It never goes completely but it helps to reduce my belly and also it helps me feel better.

  1. Abdominal Massage: This is something I read once, tried once and since then it’s become my ritual. It truly helps. I give my colon a massage starting from below the belly button in a clockwise direction. This helps to release all the air in the colon and also with bowel movements (specially when you are constipated). I found this Youtube video of a doctor explaining it, it is really similar to what I do. Click here to watch.
  2. Turmeric Tea and turmeric supplements: If you ask me, the tea helps me faster and better but taking pills everyday will help you in the long run too. This is not as fast and direct as the massage but it surely helps.
  3. Peppermint Oil (IB Gard): I take peppermint oil in tablets (IB Gard). This was recommended by my OG. I take them when I am bloated and I start burping immediately. I can literally taste the peppermint when I am burping.
August 2020 – The photo that won me prego congrats


One year later, I am starting to see the light. The truth is there are so many tests and my doctor recommends me the ones that match my symptoms along the way. I don’t eat gluten nor lactose and I have now more days without bloating than before.

I am still on the way, I have a SIBO test take this month. For what I’ve read, it could be the one for what I test positive. My condition still has no name but I am defenitely more in control of it now, compared to last year.

January 2021

I will keep you posted along the way. Hoping this shines a light. If you are going through this i want you to know that it doesn’t las forever, you will get better. I know how uncomfortable can be. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s just in your mind. We all deserve to feel and look our best. Take the steps to get a diagnose and start your food diary and appropriate diets to eliminate whatever your body is not accepting. Remember, we are all different, what I can eat probably will be different for you.

From a #foodbaby mother to another, good luck.

With love,



How to deal with chronic bloating
Remedies for chronic bloating and how to live with it.

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